Discover aqualand Discover aqualand

Discover a universe you will believe got out
of a dream or a delirious imagination
where weird bugs and stranges plants cohabit...

Discover aqualand
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Unique Aquajeux activator Step'n Play
increases the play value of your project
and optimizes water consumption.

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Create a Bouquet



Create your own water bouquet
that combines interaction, learning,
sensory experiences... and esthetic!

Create a Bouquet
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grow up!

Be visionary!
Plan your project strategically.
Make it fit your budget
and schedule.

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The 5


Imagination, energy, security, sensitivity ... smiles.
A thoughtful and authentic concept to discover.

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Quality products well designed and safe.
Aquajeux is a leader in water management and
continues to be at the forefront!

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Welcome to Aquajeux

There are many reasons to choose Aquajeux. We have been making aquatic structures for 20 years and are renowned for our precursor devices that are now used by all throughout today’s industry. Here is why Aquajeux sets itself apart from all the others.

Aquajeux is proud to present Aqualand where odd and mystical plants grow and where extraordinary and funny bugs live side-by-side. 

The Aqualand Experience