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About Aquajeux

Profile and history

Aquajeux was created in 1992 following the observation of a growing need for this kind of product. With extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of decorative fountains, Luc Pellerin, founding owner decided to create his own product line of aquatic play products he called Aquajeux. This was the birth of aquatic play in Quebec.

Aquajeux International did its first project in 1994 African Safari Park in Canada. We also made the first paddling pool project in Montreal in 1995, which is still in operation today. Since then, we have completed over a hundred projects in Canada, the United States, Europe and even Asia.

Since its founding, Aquajeux focused most of its energies towards its local market, namely Quebec. Building on its success in Quebec, Aquajeux began its expansion program in the early 2000s with the introduction of qualified distributors in foreign markets. Since then, several projects have been carried out in the USA and Europe.