The models in this series incorporate more modern and organic shapes than the Classics series, notably by using brushed stainless steel and Ecolor polymer. 

The brushed finish of stainless steel enhances its natural beauty. Very strong and easily washable, it integrates itself easily to its surrounding environment. All components are also available with a polyester powder coating, offered in a wide array of colors.

The various shapes of Ecolor polymers, offered in 6 colors, are made of translucent polycarbonate treated against UV rays. Since they are translucent, light shines through them, recreating their twin specters in full colors on the ground, adding an atmosphere of wonder by displaying optical illusions that optimize the playful and sensory values of the project. During the day, the shifting sun, water, reflections, and shadows create a dynamic play of colors on the structures and on the ground; all happening in a perpetually moving and changing environment. 


The Bouquets are the ether that gather the 4 elements. They are the combinations that ally esthetics with interaction and learning. A Bouquet helps combine in trios, quartets, and even quintets, similar or different play elements within our 12 models. The idea is to allow designers to create an interactive Bouquet by adorning it with elements they love. 

Each of the Bouquets’ stems can be controlled independently using our Unifix Type II Base. Used with our water management controller, or better off, with our Step’n Play™ activator, it’s like having 3, 4, or even 5 structures in one! 

Each stem is available with a wide variaty of water patterns: Econosoft, bell, cone, curtain and more.

The majority of the Bouquets’ stems have a similar full sized model for independent use. This particularity allows the designer to evoke similarities throughout the play area.

The use of a Bouquet has certain advantages:

  • Allows to have large-scale modular structures which still remain easy to transport and install. 
  • Allows to personalize a Bouquet with same, similar, or different structures.
  • Allows for the play area to evolve throughout many years.
  • Combined with Step’n Play™, a Bouquet becomes an interactive group play element.
  • Allows you to store structures if desired.
  • Has all of the advantages of a universal footing device.