Aqualand is more than simple independent elements on an aquatic play area. It is a design concept thought-out according to users that integrates the magic of the 4 elements: water, fire, earth, and air, all connected by the 5th element: Ether.


Goutte d'eau


Water is about intuition, memory, sensitivity, calmness, tactfulness, metamorphosis, kindness, and soothing. Water encompasses everything, penetrates the bodies, overcomes or adapts to obstacles. It is a deep strength that regenerates and purifies. It symbolizes union and openness to other horizons.

In an aquatic play area, we find sensory experiences emphasising water patterns, such as its movement, its shape, and its texture, to promote children’s development of tactile and visual skills. We will find these elements mainly in the Youth and Family Zones. 

These are the Water Bell, Sea Urchin, Bubbler, Mini Dome, Cascade, etc.


Élément Feu


Fire conjures willpower, energy, spirit, enthusiasm, activity, authority, strength, initiative, pride, ambition, self-confidence, frankness. Fire activates, produces, and creates. It is a transformer, a savior, and a conqueror. 

In an aquatic play area, it will correspond to games with more intense interactive characteristics such as Cannons, and other features linked to a Step’n Play™ activator. Made for the teens, they are designed to promote cooperation and social interaction. We will generally find these elements in the Active Zone.  

These are the Cannons, Wacky Bouquet, Swivelling Apple Tree, Seaweed Bouquet, etc.


Goutte sur feuille


Earth refers to time, perseverance, stability, memory, realism, endurance, and security. Earth is the origin of all natural resources, and has the power to transform. It is rich, constructive, and creative. 

In an aquatic play area, these elements are in the Family Zone. The games have a slightly higher level intensity, but have a predictable action such as the structures with tipping buckets. They are designed to gather and promote social and sensory experiences.

These are the Hoops, non-swivelling Apple Tree, etc.


Nuages bonshommes


Air encompasses lightness, dreaming, craziness, intuition, freedom, self-renewal, dexterity, humanism, and sympathy. Air is both an union and an intermediary. It symbolizes spirit, mobility, communication, and subtlety. 

In an aquatic play area, this equals to the components of an imaginary game; to role play. The use of the Econosoft nozzle on certain components adds a strange and mystical touch that evokes dreams and wonder. We will generally find these elements in the Youth and Family Zones.

These are the Philo Leaf, Caterpillar, Giant Butterfly, etc.


Bonhomme  sourire gouttes d'eau


And the 5th element. Ether is the link and catalyst to the 4 others. In an aquatic play area, it is the pleasure of free, unstructured play. But mostly we see it... in all of those smiles and laughs!