Dual Duty Drains
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Dual Duty Drains

When we wish for an aquatic play area design to be beautiful and harmonious, what can be more unsightly than a drain right in the middle? 

Although not very esthetic, the drainage system is still quite an essential element in the design of an aquatic play area. Since it is a necessary evil, Aquajeux has developed an efficient and discrete drain on top of which we can insert a ground jet or structure. 

Because good designers usually try to direct the focus on a central element and not on a mere drain, Aquajeux has designed this combined drain just for them. The drain does its usual job, but is completely out of sight; maintaining the perfect visual harmony as a whole for the outside observer. The Unifix Type II Base maintains the same characteristics and advantages as when it is independently installed. The DR20 drain, combined with a universal Unifix Type II Base helps you conceive your evolutionary play area with flexibility. Since this drain has a good capacity, you won’t be limited when it comes to choosing future structures with bigger flow. 
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