Even if we are renowned for our precursor devices that are now used by all throughout today’s industry, we always offer new and unique solutions for the designers and managers.

Step'n Play

Entirely mechanical…

The patented Step’n Play™ activator is one of Aquajeux’s innovations that enhances the design’s playfulness and helps reduce water consumption. Installed in-ground, this device is entirely mechanical and reacts to the user’s foot pressure. Slight pressure equals to a small water flow and full pressure equals to full flow. It disposes of a capacity of 0 @ 20 gpm water flow and only requires a foot pressure from 5lbs (2kg) to 10lbs (4kg) for full flow.

Like the MEC models mentioned before, Step’n Play™ contains its own support and is used to control one or various components simultaneously, and always without electricity. It can also be combined with a tipping valve to prevent it from working during off hours, such as during the night.

Also in an electronic environment... 

Step’n Play™ activator offers many more possibilities when it is in an environment with electronic control water management. An electronic environment really reveals all of Step’n Play™’s possibilities for an aquatic play area. Using the permanent mode that can activate one or more play elements for the whole sequence, without any interruptions, Step’n Play™ gives full control to users.

It is particularly useful for the must-have Cannons that work only when users play with it; not wasting any water when no one is present. The play elements will work as long as users have their foot on the activator, up until the end of the sequence.

Also, since Step’n Play™ controls play elements at a distance, it allows the designer to create a play area that promotes interaction and interactive play. For example, the Cobra Duo, combined with the Step’n Play™ activator gives users the power to spray their opponent and vice versa. Furthermore, Aquajeux offers many models, which combined with the Step’n Play™ activator will reinvent the design of an aquatic play area. In today’s world, it is users that decide when and what play elements will be in action.

*For more information on Permanent Mode, refer to the section on Control Panel. 

Push-Button Activator

The Push-Button activator doesn’t require any electricity. The stainless steel button is completely recessed in the structure and doesn’t have any protuberance. Consequently, no risk for little fingers, and very hard to tamper with. This type of controller device is divided in two groups:

MA Group : 2 to 12 gpm

This model is discreetly fixed to a structure equipped with a maximum of 9 standard or Econosoft nozzles. Adjustable from 30 to 60 seconds, it is very useful for specific action installations, such as cooling stations near sports grounds or long bike ways. It is compatible with the majority of our structures’ models and works with normal aqueduct water pressure. It can be combined to a tipping valve to keep it from working during off hours, such as during the night. 

MEC Group : 15 to 75 gpm and more

This model is its own support and is used to control one or more components simultaneously, and this, still without any electricity. Adjustable from 30 to 60 seconds, it is particularly useful for the rehabilitation of an existing aquatic play area that doesn’t use any water management devices, and that is wasting water throughout the day. This model, like with the MA, can be combined to a tipping valve to keep it from working during off hours, such as during the night. It works with normal aqueduct water pressure. 


The various shapes of Ecolor polymers, offered in 6 colors, are made of translucent polycarbonate treated against UV rays. Since they are translucent, light shines through them, recreating their twin specters in full colors on the ground, adding an atmosphere of wonder by displaying optical illusions that optimize the playful and sensory values of the project. During the day, the shifting sun, water, reflections, and shadows create a dynamic play of colors on the structures and on the ground; all happening in a perpetually moving and changing environment. 


The choice of attachments represents an important decision since it is a determining factor on construction’s evolution and delays. Aquajeux offers 2 attachment modes. On one part, we have the Embedded Mode and the Universal Mode. Moreover, this last choice involves many cutting-edge solutions in the industry. 

The majority of manufacturers use the Embedded Mode. It is a cost-saving technique of fabrication where the base of the structure is anchored under the concrete slab. It is then imperative that all structures and ground jets be installed before proceeding to pour concrete.

Using Aquajeux’s universal devices Unifix I and II, you can take down, move, repair, change, substitute, renew, or remove your structures and ground jets. In other words, they are now interchangeable. The advantages to such devices are undeniable:

  • Reduce many weeks of work delays.
  • Allow an evolutionary design where it will be easy to add elements throughout the years.
  • Repair, paint, or replace a damaged or vandalized structure with a ground jet or another structure available in store. The play area then remains functional during the repair delays.
  • Take down structures during autumn to be able to use the play area for winter activities.
  • Move or substitute structures and ground jets to optimize or correct some layout errors due to events out of our control such as for example, a micro climate pushing water out of the play area.
  • Switch around or substitute structures to freshen up the design.
  • Move ground jets or structures from one park to another for a wider variety of play areas.
  • Vary water effects by using an assortment of spray heads.
  • Standardize pieces and accessories to maintain a minimal inventory.

Unifix Type I 

The anchoring base is equipped with a 1.5’’ (75mm) diameter sleeve in stainless steel, welded to the side of the base. This will facilitate the installation and avoid that the water inflow hose clutters the base’s attachment space in the concrete. In case of a break, it is easier to intervene with a plumbing joint on the side, instead of underneath. The base has no protuberance on top of the play area. Only the post’s structure stems from the ground. 

Unifix Type I with dual drain 

Aquajeux’s combined drain DR20-BU6 gives the designer the possibility to insert a structure over the drain. 

Unifix Type II 

This anchoring base is used for the Bouquets category in the Aqualand series. A Bouquet can consist of 3 to 5 stems. It can also be combined with a drain like the Unifix Type I model. 

Unifix Type II with dual drain

Aquajeux’s combined drain DR20-BU222 gives the designer the possibility to insert a structure over the drain.