Our products are not only attractive and fun, they are also more durable and safer. 

1. Our philosophy is simple, our products must function properly throughout their useful life. And if a breakdown occurs, it should be easily repairable or replaceable. In our opinion, the very high reliability of our products is the key to our success.

2. Reliability and ease of use is our guideline from design to manufacturing. We believe that better design combined with the use of the best materials results in a high quality product that requires little or no maintenance. That is waht quality means for us.

However, we recognize that our products are not infallible. That is why we offer the best warranty in the industry:

· Limited lifetime warranty on stainless steel and welds,
· Limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel hardware,
· Limited lifetime warranty on all nozzles and winter caps,
· Limited lifetime warranty on cabinets,
· Limited three-year warranty on hardware and metal components of the water management system,
· Limited three-year warranty on the control panel,
· Limited three-year warranty on structural integrity of UHMW parts,
· Limited three-year warranty on structural integrity of Ecolor,
· Limited two-year warranty on coating,
· Limited two-Year warranty on all other parts.

This warranty begins at the date of delivery.

Within the limits of the law, these safeguards are expressly priority over all other warranties implied or expressed, or any other actions of that whatsoever, including any implied warranties of sales potential or formatting. Warranties do not cover damage caused by normal wear, vandalism, abuse, neglect, accident, improper use, improper mounting method, modifications, additions or replacement parts. The warranty covers supply and transportation. Uninstallation and installation are not covered by the warranty. The warranty claims must be received within the applicable warranty period and include a copy of the invoice and the original delivery, maintenance record and pertinent photographs. The useful life of a structure is assessed at 25 years.

If a problem of compliance with the requirements and conditions of the guarantees mentioned occurs, Aquajeux will replace or correct any defective part free of charge.

Here at Aquajeux, we are proud of our accomplishments and our team is at your disposal to answer questions or give advices on the use or maintenance of our components.

The reliability of our equipment and recognized Aquajeux reputation guarantee a playground that will entertain children and adults for many years to come.