Water Management
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Water Management

Aquajeux has elevated the quality standard of water management devices to increase their lifespan and to reduce their maintenance to a bare minimum. All of the internal components are made of brass, bronze, or stainless steel. Even the plastic tipping valves were replaced by adjustable precision valves made of brass. Only the solenoid valves were left in polyvinyl chloride, since they’ve proven themselves during the years. 

The prefabricated water management plate is built according to existing standards and is equipped with all of the required components, such as a pressure-reducing valve, a double backflow preventer valve, and an anti-water hammer device, to name only a few. It is assembled on robust stainless steel supports for wall-mount installation, as a cabinet or vault. The cabinets and vaults are available here at Aquajeux. All necessary accessories to the proper functioning of your aquatic play area are tested and delivered, ready to be started. That’s our personal guaranty. 
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